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Over 10,000 Students Can’t be Wrong

In 1987, Fairfield, California math teacher Ed Pawley opened a small learning center to help students with math and reading called Logical Learning Center. In 1990 Ed met Jeff Greenhoe who had lived the previous 11 years in Hawaii and had a background in television production and Business Management. Jeff had been a volunteer for the Special Olympics and had made a decision to focus his professional life working with youth. Rather than going into Special Education Jeff decided to put all his efforts into working on the self confidence and self-esteem of youth. After seeing Ed Pawley work his math magic with students at his learning center, Jeff was absolutely convinced that showing students that they could in fact do the math required at school was an excellent way to raise self confidence and self-esteem. Ed Pawley and Jeff Greenhoe decided to combine forces and build upon a great business idea.

After working two years together a decision was made to open a “Math Only” learning center in the Sacramento area and call it Math Masters Learning Center. In 1992, Math Masters opened with the outstanding help of Dave Mason who had previously worked with Ed Pawley at Logical Learning. As the new company grew Monica Carosone, who later became Monica Carsone-Hauth, was hired to help with operations and to use her degree in mathematics to help students with their math.

Over the years many wonderful teachers have come and gone at Math Masters. Dave Mason has moved to Oregon and after 11 ½ years Monica Carosone-Hauth left Math Masters to start her own Learning Center. New employees have filled their shoes and the world of Math Masters has continued to thrive. Connie Foppiano became part of the Math Masters family when her son needed Geometry tutoring in 2009. Connie and Jeff became friends and when she had the opportunity to take an early retirement from her previous employer Jeff made her an offer to become a major part of the management of Math Masters and to also become a partner in his business. Connie’s 29 years of organizational management and her love of children of all ages (including teenagers) make her a perfect fit at Math Masters.

The year 2012 marked 25 years since Ed Pawley started his learning center and it also marked 22 years since Jeff Greenhoe teamed up with Ed to form Math Masters. To date over 10,000 Sacramento area students have received tutoring from Math Masters and with college math requirements going up, Math Masters is poised to be around for many more years to come.

The Math Masters philosophy revolves around supporting students to understand the math taught in the public and private schools. Subjects covered are elementary and Jr. High math, Pre Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II, Geometry, Pre Calculus, Calculus and Statistics.

For more information on Math Masters please contact Jeff Greenhoe. (916)-489-6284

Hours of Instruction:

Monday:Open 2pm
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