Elementary Math

At Math Masters we believe a strong elementary math foundation is necessary for every student to succeed as they advance through school. Learning the basic principles of math can be difficult and confusing for younger students. Our elementary math tutoring program will allow your student to discover the joy of math.

Your child will work in 90 minute sessions with a math tutor who has been with our company for over 17 years. The math tutors will create a program based on your student individual needs. The focus is on building the student’s confidence while preparing with a structure following California state standards. The math tutor will also assist with test preparation and homework from your child’s school.

How Our Elementary Math Tutoring Program Works

Your child will sign up in four week blocks and receive six hours (90 minutes per week) of tutoring per month. To alleviate the potential stresses of attending “tutoring” we have them work closely with their tutor and small groups of no more than 2 other students who are conquering similar work. During their time with us their professional tutors will carefully and individually…

  • Help them understand the math taught in their classroom and in their school books
  • Strengthen their basic foundation skills
  • Prepare them for upcoming math requirements and tests
  • Teach them how to prepare for tests and final exams
  • Help them understand their math homework and how to “find the answer” at home
  • Build essential skills thereby building self confidence and self esteem

Also at your request, Math Masters can provide customized homework on any concepts they need a bit of practice in so their success takes place as quickly as possible!

Hours of Instruction:

Monday:Open 2pm
Tuesday:Open 2pm
Wednesday:Open 2pm
Thursday:Open 2pm