Geometry, Calculus & Statistics

Geometry, Calculus & Statistics tutoring for your student: Your success is our priority.

90 Minutes to study Geometry, Calculus or Statistics your student is working on in class
Reasoning & problem solving skills developed to increase math success
Each subject taught specifically to accommodate California State Standards
Help with individual problems your student had in class or on homework
Professional advanced math teachers make sense of the Geometry, Calculus or Statistics material in their books
A personal update from your child’s tutor each week on their progress & needs
Customized upper level math worksheets provided when needed or at your request
Award Winning Customer Service
Individualized Test Preparation for in school & state testing and college entrance exams
No Enrollment or Testing Fees, and no Long-term Contracts

How Our Advanced Math Programs Work:

Your child will sign up in four week blocks and receive six hours (90 minutes per week) of tutoring per month. To alleviate the potential stresses of attending “tutoring” we have them work closely with their tutor and small groups of no more than 2 other students who are conquering similar work. During their time with us their professional tutors will carefully and individually…

Help students understand the new concepts they are being taught in class
Work on basic foundation skills necessary to succeed in the upper level maths
Prepare students for future Math requirements
Help students prepare for tests and final exams
Help understand questions on their homework
Build skills, build self confidence, build self esteem

Also, customized homework on what we’ve covered can be assigned at your request!
Telephone Homework Hot Line for Enrolled Students

Hours of Instruction:

Monday:Open 2pm
Tuesday:Open 2pm
Wednesday:Open 2pm
Thursday:Open 2pm