Math Exit Exam

California High School Exit Exam

At Math Masters we have a complete curriculum detailing the entire Math Exit Exam. There are six areas of knowledge that all students are tested on:

  • Number Sense
  • Statistics, Data Analysis & Probability
  • Algebra & Functions
  • Measurement & Geometry
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Algebra

What We Will Cover in Your Exit Exam Program:

All exit exam students take a math diagnostic test (at no cost to parents) once they are enrolled. The diagnostic will show strengths and weakness in the students’ math foundation. Then students will be tutored on the areas that need the most work. This will help them gain the most points on the test.

Math Masters incorporates the Accelerated Math California Exit Exam Library and actual test questions taken from prior versions of the test in order to fully prepare your student.

The following is an index of the 227 Math Objectives that Math Masters will use to provide worksheets and instruction for all exit exam preparation (Students only need to work on areas of weakness indicated by the diagnostic test):

Topic 1- Grade 6: Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability

Means of data sets
Probability of compound events
Modes of data sets Evaluate validity of claims
Forms of probabilities
Find possible outcomes
Complement of probability of an event
Probability of single events
Independent and dependent events

Topic 2- Grade 7: Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability

Frequency distributions and line plots
Line graphs
Bar graphs
Misleading graphs
Choose best type of graph
Circle graphs
Scatter plots

Topic 3- Grade 7: Number Sense

Scientific notation
Add, subtract, multiply & divide integers, positive/negative decimals
Multiply & divide positive/negative fractions, mixed numbers & positive/negative decimals
Choose best type of graph
Scatter plots
Positive rational numbers to whole number powers
Fractions and mixed numbers to decimals
Fractions to percents
Percents to fractions
Percents to decimals
Word Problems: Percent Decimals to fractions, Percent change, Discount or markup, Simple interest, Compound interest Commission & Decimals to percents
Negative exponents
Multiply and divide with negative exponents
Add and subtract positive/negative fractions and mixed numbers
Prime factorization
Least common multiple
Raise integers to power
Raise rational numbers to power
Multiply and divide with negative exponents
Square roots of perfect squares
Estimate square roots between integers
Absolute values of rational numbers
Distance on number lines between integers

Topic 4 – Grade 7: Measurements and Geometry

Convert customary units, time and temperature, metric units, between measurement systems & units of area and volume
Scale drawings
Measures as rates and products
Perimeter of quadrilaterals
Circumference of circles
Area of circles, rectangles and squares
Surface area of prisms and cylinders
Area of parallelograms
Area of triangles Area of trapezoids
Volume of rectangular solids and cylinders
Area of complex figures
Volume and surface area of complex rectangular solids
Ratios of length, area, and volume
Change in measurement with scale or units
Translations, rotations, reflections, and dilations

Topic 5 – Grade 7: Mathematical Reasoning Arithmetic sequences

Geometric sequences and patterns
Estimate to verify reasonableness of results and quantities graphically
Too much/too little information
Inductive and deductive reasoning
Formulate and justify conjectures
Generalize and extend strategies

Topic 6 – Grade 7: Algebra and Functions

Translate with expressions and equations
Translate with inequalities Evaluate expressions with order of operations
Evaluate expressions with exponents
Sketch and interpret real-life graphs
Powers as repeated multiplication
Negative exponents as repeated division or multiplication
Take a power to a power
Multiply monomials Divide monomials
Roots of monomial perfect squares
Graph basic quadratics and cubics
Graph ordered pairs
Make x-y table and graph a line
Find slope and graph
Find slope from 2 points
Graph lines from slope and point
Function tables
Real-life linear graphs and slope
Solve 2-step equations (integers/decimal and fraction)
Solve 2-step inequalities
Word Problems: 2-step equations

Topic 7 – Algebra I Inverses of rational numbers

Solving bsolute value equations and absolute value inequalities
Simplify expressions before solving
Combine like terms with parentheses
Solve multi-step equations
Word Problems: Solve multi-step equations
Solve inequalities
Word Problems: Inequalities
Find lines, intercepts from equations
Graph lines, slope-intercept form
Graph lines, standard form
Word Problems: Interpret slope and intercept in context
Write equations given slope and y-intercept
Write equation from graphs
Write equation given 2 points or point and slope
Verify a point lies on a line
Graph independent systems
Solve independent systems, substitution
Solve independent systems, elimination
Solve systems of linear inequalities by graphing
Add polynomials
Subtract polynomials
Multiply monomials by polynomials
Multiply 2 binomials, (x + a) (x + b)
Multiply 2 binomials, (ax + b) (cx +d)
Square a binomial
Divide a polynomial by a monomial
Divide a polynomial by a polynomial
Word Problems: multiply and divide polynomials, mixture problems, motion (rate) problems, work problems, solve systems: motion, investment, mixture problems

Exit Exam Students are tutored by professional teachers skilled in problem solving. They meet once per week for 90 minutes but if necessary can come for extra sessions with second and third sessions per week being provided at a discounted price. Students enroll for a minimum of 4 sessions and work in groups of 3.

Hours of Instruction:

Monday:Open 2pm
Tuesday:Open 2pm
Wednesday:Open 2pm
Thursday:Open 2pm