Summer Math Programs

How Our Summer Programs Help Build Your Students Math Abilities

Our Summer Math Tutoring is designed to prepare your student for the coming school year. We work on their Math Foundation giving them any math help they might need to be Math Ready for what they will see in class next year. We also have tutoring programs which provide Math Enrichment to give them that competitive edge you’d like them to enter the school year with.
The Math Help Your Student will receive in our Summer Math Tutoring Programs

Math Foundation – We customize a program for the student who may need to work on the basics or portions of math they may have missed during previous years so they can be stronger this year.

Math Readiness – This program will review basic skills with a strong emphasis on preparing the student for the math requirements for the upcoming year.

Math Enrichment – This program is for the student who would like to excel in math and go beyond the current level advancing further during the summer.

Hours of Instruction:

Monday:Open 2pm
Tuesday:Open 2pm
Wednesday:Open 2pm
Thursday:Open 2pm